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Irresponsible campers on river

Tiaro Landcare Project Officers found bags of beer cans, BBQ grill, fishing line, dead fish, bottles of worms, plastic bottles scattered around a Mary River turtle nesting bank. Shameful actions of irresponsible campers. Fortunately our Project Officers collected the rubbish before the floodwaters came. The flood would now be carrying it to the Great Sandy Straits.

Campers leave rubbish in Mary River

Mary – Amazon

Our Project Officer, Marilyn Connell, has been awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship 2010. This Fellowship will enable her to travel overseas and investigate Community based turtle projects in Malaysia (Turtle Conservation Centre, Terengganu and Turtle Conservation Project, Sri Lanka) and undertake a Field course on river turtle conservation, management and research in Brazil. Another member of our Landcare group, Deb Brischke, will accompany Marilyn. Their trip starts on the 2nd Sept 2010, so be sure to follow their blogs and photos on this website and share their experiences.

Traveston Dam Gets Final No

Quotes from Media Release by Hon Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

“I have concluded that the Traveston Crossing Dam cannot go ahead without unacceptable impacts on matters of national environmental significance” Mr Garrett said.  “As I stated when I made my proposed decision on this project, all of my decisions under the national environment law are based primarily on science, and the science is very clear about the adverse impacts this project would have on the nationally protected Australian lungfish, Mary River turtle and Mary River Cod. The independent expert advice and the advice from my department clearly show the Traveston Dam proposal would lead to serious and irreversible consequences for these species and most likely, would lead to their further decline.”

Scientific reports can be viewed at the department’s website:

Great news – Traveston Dam rejected

Nov 11 took on a new signficance for the Mary River and the people and creatures who live in the catchment. The Federal Environment Minister Garrett rejected the proposed Traveston Crossing Dam based on the “unacceptable impact” it would have on threatened species including the Mary River turtle and Australian lungfish. Minister Garrett said “I’m not satisfied that the impact on the long term survival would be adequately addressed by mitigation and offset measures proposed.” Proponents have 10 days to appeal, we expect a final decision about the 21st Nov., however the Queensland Premier seems unlikely to appeal. The Mary River turtle, a river specialist, can continue to live out their days without the looming threat of a dam.

Turtles Tortoises Florida

Last images of journey to USA – been an amazing experience, made many international turtle contacts, learnt heaps & everyone I’ve met is very concerned about the impact of the proposed Traveston Crossing dam on the Mary River turtle. Many people already knew of the project & voiced their concerns as the Mary River turtle holds fascination to the international community.

Galapagos tortoise - Chelonian Research Institute
Galapagos tortoise - Chelonian Research Institute
Chelonian Research Institute - great place, people and opportunities for learning
Chelonian Research Institute - great place, people and opportunities for learning
Turtle spotting while canoeing in Springs near Orlando
Turtle spotting while canoeing in Springs near Orlando

Chelonian Research Institute

Egmont Key Island Florida West Key
Gopher tortoise eating fresh herbage - their speciality is digging 10m burrows!!

What an extraordinary place – turtle shells, artifacts, art, laboratory, library & of course a great range of live turtles, including Galapagos…PLUS a trip to Egmont Key Island with Dr Pritchard & Chuck Schaffer to find Gopher tortoises.