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Jacksonville – Schaffer visit ends

Great hospitality & tour guides, seen lots of different animals at the Zoos, Alligator farms & in the backyard – komodo dragons, blue tailed skinks to leopard frogs. Today south to Orlando via a visit to a freshwater spring with 30foot of clear water.

Max Scaffers pet - Atlas
Max Scaffers pet - Atlas
Lauren, Max & Rick Schaffer at St Augustine Alligator Farm
Lauren, Max & Rick Schaffer at St Augustine Alligator Farm

Georgia Sea Turtle Centre

Operating room with public viewing window
Operating room with public viewing window

Due to Chuck’s contacts, an interesting visit behind the scenes. Sea turtles their main focus, but also treated injured terrestrial turtles & tortoises. Plus it had the best turtle educational displays, lots of interactive displays for children – the adults were using them too. diamond-back-terrapin

International contacts made

Marilyn has made great contacts with Presidents of International NGO’s, Zoo Curators, Turtle project leaders and scientists from around the world. 12 countries were represented at the Symposium, including Madagascar, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & 4 people from Australia. Many people were extremely interested in our conservation project and some hope to visit next year.

Winner of FCRC donation to turtle symposium

Edward Louis Jr, a Conservation Biologist from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska, was extremely happy with his winning bid for the Dingo Pup framed print. He said his partner “loved dogs” and it will be a great reminder of the symposium and his ambition to visit Australia. He offered the use of his genetics laboratory for any student studying the genetics of the Mary River turtle. Currently he has students at his facility from Madagascar.

About Us

Tiaro & District Landcare Group was established in 1997 in response to a meeting of local landholders who were concerned about the health of the local Mary River environment.

Our membership reflects the diversity of local enterprises and the community, and includes graziers, sugar cane farmers, school teachers, retirees, tradesmen, environmental consultants, horticulturists and local residents.

Together with our many partners and volunteers, Tiaro Landcare is striving towards sustaining our unique environment and local agricultural enterprises. What we do locally contributes to the health of our catchment and ultimately the Great Sandy Straits.

What is Landcare?

Landcare is a uniquely Australian concept which involves a partnership between the agricultural community, government and business and aims to ‘do something practical’ about protecting and repairing our environment while maintaining the productivity of the land.

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