Kids teaching kids in the Mary Valley

It was delightful experience observing the next generation of young students at Mary Valley College teaching students from Kandanga Primary School about the endangered Mary River turtle. They each gave a little talk they had memorised. Then craft time, making turtles from paper plates. Great fun and very effective way of teaching. Well done Mary Valley College and teacher, Ms Zela Bissett.

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  1. Great work kids teaching kids from Mary Valley College and Zela! Tinana Year 4 students are excited to present their kids teaching kids workshops in just 2 weeks! Following a visit from experts and an exploration of local threatened species and conservation issues, students have developed their understanding of key biological concepts by designing and creating an interactive exhibit for School Museum opening on Kids Teaching Kids Day. Animals they have been learning about are:
    • Koala
    • Platypus
    • Dok’ku (Cod Fish)
    • Mary River Turtle
    • Sea Turtle
    • Lung Fish
    • Fruit Bat
    • Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (male, female, vine, caterpillar).

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