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The intent of this page is to facilitate the sharing of information and research relevant to the Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus).

Tiaro & District Landcare Group does not necessarily endorse all of the findings or projects which triggered some of the research.


The most comprehensive publication of Australian freshwater turtles. It abounds with quality photographs, information on their behaviour, life history and discovery and taxonomy.

  • Cann, John. 1998, Australian Freshwater turtles, Beaumont Publishing, Singapore
  • A handy field guide published as one in the series of Wild Australia Guides published by Steve Parish.
  • Cann, John. 2008, Freshwater turtles, Steve Parish Publishing, Archerfield, Australia
  • A complete guide to the world’s nearly 300 species of turtles, includes description of each species, distribution maps and photographs of each species.
  • Bonin, F. Devaux, B. Dupre, A. 2006, Turtles of the World, John Hopkins University Press, Maryland.
  • An informative, easy to read publication about the Mary River turtle.
  • Flakus, S., Connell, M. 2008, The Mary River turtle, yesterday, today, tomorrow.. Tiaro & District Landcare Group, Queensland.
  • Something About Mary is a colourful new publication focusing on 5 threatened aquatic species of the Mary River published by the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee.  – Download Here