School Program

A unique Australian turtle and its environs

This educational package has been created for Primary School teachers in Australia.

People from all around the world are fascinated by the Mary River turtle, which has this amazing ability to ‘breathe through its bum’.

Despite being larger than a dinner plate, its elusive nature helped it avoid scientific classification until 1994.

Turtles of similar size had all been discovered a century ago. Tiaro & District Landcare Group members are hard at work to help ensure this endangered species does not become extinct.

This educational unit is part of the strategy to inform the next generation of Australians about this turtle so that it they too will be inspired to care for this amazing creature, the Mary River turtle and its habitat, the Mary River in south-east Queensland, Australia.

Teaching Unit:

Unique Adaptations to a Unique Environment

  • the endangered Mary River turtle & its environs

For Teachers:

  • Excellent educational material
  • Created by teachers for teachers
  • Designed and written in line with Australian Curriculum – Year 5, 6 Biological Sciences
  • Lesson Plans, student worksheets
  • Multi-media – includes Youtube video clips
  • Based on one of Australia’s unique freshwater turtles
One of the best Science Units I’ve taught” Principal, Tiaro State Primary School

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